“Love your body, it will surely repay you”

Do not blame genetics..
Do not blame a busy schedule
Do not blame School/work
Do not blame the weather

If you want it
Get it…

Who doesn’t want a perfect body?
Whether you say or not, but surely you have dreamed of a perfect fit and fine body.
But we always thinks that the road which maps from fat to fit is impossible.

Do you know what do i think?

I think “Impossible” itself says “I m possible”.And you can also switch from fat to fit with a healthy diet and perfect workout according to your body.

I am sure above lines has motivated you.But I don’t need your motivation of just few minutes which will last a maximum of few days.I need your perfect dedication without any excuses to achieve healthy body.

Always remember “ I m talking about healthy body, not just a skinny body”
Don’t stop yourself

from being healthy and fit
Show others what you can do,
Accomplish something special
Not for others but now for yourself…

Steps to move on the Road of Fat to fit:-

Step 1:-Know the power of water..

Water sounds so simple.But It’s true your body loves water.
Lets start just counting the health benefits of drinking water..
Helpful in weight loss,relieve fatigue,get younger and sparkling skin,removes toxins from the body,improves digestion,risk of cancer get reduced and lots more.

Step 2:-Don’t forget the meaning of Calories
“I Love chocolates , and i think you too.”
But do you know your body loves it or not?
Before eating , first ask your body “Am i eating choclate or choclate eating me?”

Yes, high calorie diet is eating you day by day.Replace it with some yummiee fruits or vegetables.You may also try some healthy shakes .

Step 3:-Promise yourself to take care of your body
Give me a promise that you will take care of your body.
You will start jogging,
you will eat nutritious food
you will not mess up your health just because of your work.

“Love your body, it will surely repay you”